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Employee Policies and Procedures

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Student Employee Handbook



Introduction | Employee Policies and Procedures | Emergency Procedures  | Building MapsResources




Employment Policies and Procedures



     Table of Contents:



Students are expected to work their assigned hours.   It is critical that you inform your supervisor when you will be absent or late.  Please consult your department’s policy for further information.



  • Students working a four-hour shift are permitted to take a 10-minute paid break in the middle of their shift (no need to clock out).
  • If working more than five hours, students must clock out for a 30 minute break sometime in the middle of the shift. 


Maximum Hours

Students may not work more than:

  • 20 hours per week during school sessions
  • 40 hours per week during school vacations
  • eight (8) hours per day
  • six (6) consecutive days in a workweek (Sunday through Saturday)


Students will be paid for overtime and double time. 


Please note: Hour limitations take into account all work study jobs, meaning whether you have one student employment position or two on-campus jobs, you can only work 20 hours between them, work 40 hours per week during school vacation between them, etc.



Dress Code  

Students are expected to dress in a manner that reflects well upon the university and the library. Clothing should be clean and well maintained. Dress can be casual, but it CANNOT be revealing or display offensive language.


For safety purposes, some departments require closed-toe shoes. Please consult your department’s policy to see whether this rule applies to you.



Electronic Devices 

Policy concerning electronic devices is generally department specific.  The most basic rule of thumb is an electronic device should never affect the quality of the job you do or the service you provide a patron. 



Studying on Duty

Departments have their own individual policies concerning studying on duty.  Please consult your department’s policy for more information.  If you are allowed to study, it should never affect the quality of the job you do or the service you provide a patron.



Food and Drink

Please remember the general library policy for food and drink in library public spaces - only covered drinks and dry snacks are allowed in the library. Your supervisor may provide you with additional department-specific policies.




Students should not visit with friends during scheduled work hours or bring visitors into library workspaces without permission. At desks and other work areas, student employees should not remain at the desk service or work area when not clocked in and working.  




Students will be given a performance evaluation every Fall and Spring semester.  View an evaluation form and the rubric your supervisor will use.



Disciplinary Action

Unfortunately, there are times when someone does not comply with policies and procedures, has too many absences, or is not meeting the standards required for a job.  When this happens, students may be subject to disciplinary actions.  Disciplinary action can take the form of a verbal warning, a written warning, a suspension, or termination.  View a Disciplinary form.


If you are concerned that you may be unable to follow the rules outlined here or in your department agreement, please speak with your supervisor in advance. 




Library employees are required by law to keep all patron information confidential.  The books people check out, their personal information, the research they conduct, the questions they ask, etc. are all private information.  Do not share this information with other library patrons or fellow student employees.


It is also important to respect the confidentiality of information about your supervisor, student employees and other library staff.  Unless told otherwise, do not share anyone’s information (i.e. work hours, contact information, etc.), especially those of other students. Library staff phone and email contact information is listed on the library website under General Information > Staff Directory and may be shared with patrons.


For more information on confidentiality, please read about the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).



Library Equipment and Supplies

Library equipment and supplies are to be used for library business only.  Library equipment includes computers, printers, phones, etc.



Preservation of Library Materials

Students are responsible for helping to protect library materials and resources.


Please take common sense measures:

  • Keep food and drinks away from books, paper, and electronic equipment and remove them if you see others leave them on shelves or printers;
  • Handle materials with care;
  • Do not sit books on top of things that may scratch or gouge them;
  • Immediately report electronic equipment issues or failures to a library staff or ITS staff member.



Work Incurred Injuries

Student employees operating the lift in the basement should be certified on best practices and safety before use.


If using a rolling cart, make sure to wear closed-toe shoes to prevent injuries. 


Injuries you receive at work should be reported to your supervisor or other library staff, who can help start a worker's compensation process to assess the extent of the injury and get medical care for you. 



Student Employee Complaints or Issues

If you believe you have experienced discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct on the job, please review the HR Discriminatory Harassment and Complaint Process and report to any of the listed student contacts. Please note: All library staff are required to report any issues of sexual harassment or interpersonal misconduct (e.g. stalking) that are brought to them, but if you would like support during your reporting process please feel free to reach out to your supervisor or other library staff member. 


If there is something you wish to discuss that does not fit into the above guidelines, please see the Associate Dean, Jamie Hazlitt (Library Administration Level 3, Office #317, 310-338-6010). You are also always welcome to bring questions or issues to Kathryn Ryan, Library Operations Manager (Library Administration Level 3, Office #321, 310-338-5261, Kathryn.Ryan@lmu.edu). 


Harassment Awareness

Staff at the library are mandated to report to Campus Safety any cases of sexual or interpersonal misconduct they observe or hear about from students. There are some staff on campus who are confidential resources (not required to report), if you would prefer. Learn more at the LMU Cares site or ask your supervisor if you have any questions. 



Students must make sure they accurately record all the hours they worked in Workday, the University's employment system.  Clock in and out of Workday when beginning and ending your shift. If you have any trouble with Workday or if you forget to clock in or out, please let your supervisor know as soon as possible. Review and submit your timesheet on the last day you work of the pay period (every other week).


Workday clocking in and out tutorial


Keep track of your money:

You should keep track of the amount of your work study award you have spent throughout the semester, through Prowl. You can access Prowl through MyLMU, by clicking on System Logins > Prowl > Financial Aid > My Financial Aid Award > Award History. 


You can also check your pay history in Workday. 



There are two ways in which you may receive your paycheck:                        


  • Direct deposit- You may set up direct deposit with the Payroll Office (more below).
  • Pickup in Payroll Office in University Hall, Suite 1880.


Direct Deposit: To be paid directly to your checking account, you will need to fill out a Direct Deposit Authorization Form and turn it in to Payroll (U-Hall Suite 1880).  You will need your account number and bank routing number.  You can find your routing number on your checks (if you have any) or on your bank’s website.  You can download the form from:

https://bus.lmu.edu/controller/payroll/downloadforms/ - Choose the form called Direct Deposit Authorization Form


Track your paycheck:

You can track how much you are paid each paycheck (and check that you're being paid the correct amount) through the Workday system, under Pay. Please ask your supervisor or call Payroll for more help. 


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