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Emergency Procedures

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 Student Employee Handbook



Introduction | Employee Policies and Procedures | Emergency Procedures  | Building MapsResources




Emergency Procedures



Take the Library Emergency Preparedness Tutorial!


Reviewing these emergency procedures will help you be prepared in an emergency or other urgent situations you may run into at work. 


Public Safety 



In case of emergency call LA emergency services (i.e. LAFD or LAPD) at 911. From a campus phone you'll need to enter a 9 to dial out, so 9-9-1-1. After you call 911, call DPS at 310-338-2894 to make sure they know why emergency services are coming and can lead them through campus. 


Phone Numbers

  • Campus Phone:  x222
  • Non Campus Phone:  (310) 338-2894
  • If busy, call emergency hotline:  1-866-568-2968


Useful Websites

Emergency Preparedness Information

LMU Alert Information


Service Desk Silent Alarms

Both the Circulation Desk and the Archives & Special Collections Desk have a silent alarm (large red button under the desk).  Pressing it will alert DPS that there is an emergency.  It SHOULD be pressed when there is a threatening situation, i.e. a disruptive individual (see definition below).  It SHOULD NOT be pressed for medical emergencies (call 9-911 or 222 instead). DPS enters the building differently in response to the silent alarm than they would for a medical emergency.


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